Birmingham PPC Advertising Management

Pay per click advertising has many names that cover the same service but within that service there are an abundance of variations that people aren’t aware of or don’t know the benefit they can provide for your business. Pay per click, or PPC which is sometimes referred to as SEM or Search Engine Marketing gives you an avenue to guarantee that you show up in front of your customers and potential customers at the top of search engines, in front of videos, in banner advertisements and more. The most important thing you can do with pay per click is to make sure you have the proper research and data to show this is a good investment for you. Since you are literally paying for each click that you get on an advertisement, it is important to understand whether this has the potential to be a smart investment for your company or if you would just be throwing away money. Our Birmingham PPC management experts have years of experience helping you find if PPC is a good fit for your business, building campaigns from the ground up and then continually refining the campaign so you get more conversions and pay less for them.

Birmingham PPC Services
When you are advertising your product or service online, you are ultimately looking for someone to take an action that helps your business whether that is fill out a form, make a phone call, purchase your product, or any number of options that move them farther along the process of becoming a client or customer. We refer to a person completing one of these actions as a conversion. The Birmingham PPC management teams experience helping clients with proven conversions has not only allowed our clients to see a positive ROI but also increase their overall digital presence and brand awareness.

Some of the areas where our Birmingham pay per click management professionals can have your advertisements displayed include the top of the search results with popular search engines such as Google and Bing, within image based advertisements on websites that are utilizing display ads, as a paid placement within Google maps, video pre-roll before videos across a variety of popular sources including YouTube and more. We can also help you with retargeting to help reengage with customers who made it to your website but did not convert on their first visit. With retargeting, your brand stays top of mind to the consumer and you can even incentivize them to commit to a purchase with special offers as added motivation.

Internet marketing has evolved to include multiple aspects where there is no longer one right solution for everyone. We can tailor each campaign to your specific needs and only target the types of digital advertising that are going to have the greatest impact for your business. This might mean that we do a campaign specifically dedicated to video pre-roll for you, a robust campaign that uses the majority of SEM avenues available, or even utilize a full suite of services integrating PPC, Social Media, and SEO into one comprehensive package. Contact us with any questions you have or to learn more about if our pay per click services can help your business.